2014 marked Deadmonton’s first Halloween season. We were in a small warehouse behind MacEwan University which we quickly outgrew. Our first year’s legend/theme was ‘The Williams Farm”.

The Williams Farm

The Williams family has resided on the same farmland with a pumpkin patch for over 100 years. They supplied all the nearby towns and residents with pumpkins for their Halloween festivities. People would describe the Williams family as a quiet, friendly family. They had an open-door policy and warm apple pie for anyone who paid them a visit.

In 1942, a flood hit the family farm destroying all the pumpkins which left the Williams family in dire need for months to come. The financial impact was so tough on the family that they secluded themselves from the outside world. They became outcasts to their friends and neighbours. After the flood, there was a harsh winter which caused the family to be hit even harder with bad luck. It was the coldest winter on record which proved to be too much for Farmer Williams. He left one morning to feed the horses - both him and his herd were never seen again.

With no one to provide for the family or upkeep the farm, everything fell apart at the seams. Tools rusted, the farm was chaos and there wasn’t any corn on the table for the kids.

Rumours in the town were rampant. It was said that anyone who attempted to visit the farm never returned. It’s been years, but if you stop and listen closely you can still hear the screams from the farm along with kids playing and horses walking. 

To this day no one has had to courage to make the trek to the Williams farm in fear of what might happen. DO YOU?