In 2018 we moved to what is now our current location at 7031 Gateway Blvd. Our first year at this location we utilized all of our new warehouse space to bring you “Quarantine”. 


Climate change has melted the ice caps faster than anyone predicted. Coastal cities around the world are underwater and governments everywhere scramble to move their populations inland. 

Meanwhile, a group of scientists, headed by Dr. Ro Lang from the Draugr Institute, travel to Antarctica where the disappearing ice caps have revealed soil and plant life that had been buried for over 20 million years. Dr. Lang’s last report excitedly describes the discovery of a living fossil of the microscopic world. Some common ancestor of viruses and bacteria, it appears immune to modern-day antibiotics and anti-virals. It replicates at an astounding rate. Testing how it interacts with live tissue to commence in the morning. No other transmissions were received from the research team.

After five days of no contact, a rescue team was sent to find out what went wrong and to bring back any survivors. Two days later the team’s vessel returns with one lone survivor from the rescue team. Slipping in and out of consciousness and missing his left hand, HQ checks the video footage for answers. It is damaged, but they salvage enough to see the lab showered in blood and severed limbs. They hear the screams of the rescue team as the video cuts out.

Crippled by their efforts to deal with the fast-rising sea levels, world governments were in no position to deal with the pandemic brought back by the rescue team. Those infected are disfigured then driven to extreme rage, violence, and cannibalism, spreading the disease to their victims. In a few short and horrible months, it had spread across the globe.

From the ashes of civilization, a rogue survivalist group has emerged. They gather survivors and bring them to their quarantined compound.

Those with scientific backgrounds are given top priority as they desperately search for a cure to stave off the impending apocalypse.