In 2019 we moved from "Quarantine" to “New Dark Ages” and brought you some awesome military-inspired themes and characters. 

New Dark Ages

It seems like ages ago since the scientists of the Draugr Institute and their rogue military contractors sealed the doors of the quarantine facility. In an attempt to ensure that a fraction of humanity could be spared from the unpredictable, contagious and fatal virus, the facility entered a strict lockdown and grew quiet… until now.

Amid the twisted bands of plague-scarred survivors camped outside the boundaries of the military compound, rumours spread of exiles and escapees telling chilling tales of horror and salvation found within the facility. Now, new crowds of fresh survivors have begun to flock to the site in hopes of finding escape from the bleak future they had before them.

Will humanity find a way to save our civilization, or will we succumb to the evils within and usher in a New Dark Age?