2020 marks the year we introduced our 2nd haunted house called “Dusk – Rise of the Dead”. It’s an outdoor cemetery that we built based on the tombs found in New Orleans. We actually went to New Orleans and visited many cemeteries to get inspiration! Our main show this year was "Area 51" and we were surrounded by aliens! What a spectacular year!


Since 1955, Area 51 has remained the most classified military test facility in the world.

For decades, this mysterious site has remained in the eye amid a storm of conspiracy theories and wild speculation. Rumours of crashed alien spacecraft, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and bizarre weather-control experiments have inspired numerous attempts throughout the years to penetrate the defenses of the government installation. One year ago, this curiosity peaked with the advent of the Storm Area 51 Movement.

As enthusiasts prepared a "they can’t stop us all" approach, the military presence at Groom Lake test facility geared up for potential use of lethal force. Civilian bloodshed was narrowly averted. Now, a year later, in an unprecedented move aimed at quelling the outlandish tales surrounding the site, military forces have begun allowing tours to the general public.

Come join this extraordinary event and see for yourself that nothing out of the ordinary exists at Area 51.