2 Haunted Houses

2021 took you down the twisted rabbit hole of ‘Warped’. With our Alice-inspired theme, there was no running away from those white rabbits, unless you ran into Alice of course. 


Last year Deadmonton abducted you, and whisked you away to Area 51! Now, armed with the strange knowledge gathered from within that mysterious site, the diabolical minds behind Deadmonton Industries attempt to warp the fabric of time, space, and even reality.

Join us on a twisted trip down the rabbit hole and into the warped minds of madness!!

DUSK - Rise Of The Dead

When it’s full moon fever
The wolves begin to howl
All the night-time creatures
Begin their nightly prowl
When that lunar orb
Sends those shadows drifting
Within that twilight hour
Those shapes begin a shifting
So if you choose to venture
Into the DUSK tonight
Just save some breath from screaming
For that frantic run from FRIGHT