2 Haunted Houses

2022 saw our last year at our beloved location on Gateway Blvd. We journeyed through decades of iconic horror movies, featuring characters you have grown to both love and equally fear over years of twisted nightmares they have created within all of us. 

Icons of Darkness 

Nestled into your favourite spot on the couch with your security blanket and a bowl of popcorn.

You’re ready for your favourite horror movie. 

As the door creaks and the music intensifies, your heart races as you dig your nails deeper into the fabric that shields you.

The slaughter begins! You scream, you pull your blanket over your eyes, popcorn everywhere and you pray he’s not waiting for you.

No wonder this movie has become so famous.

No wonder it keeps you up at night.

Since the first time you saw it, this film has haunted your dreams.

Now you are about to become the star of a grisly finale that you have feared for years.

You are about to step through the silver screen and meet your deepest fear in the flesh.

You are about to fall victim to Deadmonton’s Icons of Darkness.

Return of the Living Dead

For more than a century horror films have brought you the most intense, terrifying characters.

Spine-chilling iconic horror figures that no one would dare encounter on a cold, murky night.

Most have come and gone, and are nothing but distant memories.

Until Now!