The haunting tale of the Williams Farm returns to Deadmonton, marking a decade of fear that has left an indelible mark on the town’s history.

Step back to a bygone era, where the Williams family’s farm stood as a beacon of hope and prosperity. Once teeming with life and laughter, the pumpkin patch provided the entire community with Halloween delights. The Williams family, known for their warm hospitality and open-door policy, welcomed all who sought their pumpkins and a slice of their famous apple pie.

But fate took a sinister turn in 1942. A devastating flood washed away the farm’s pumpkins, leaving the Williams family in dire straits. The financial burden was crushing, forcing the family to retreat from the outside world, becoming outcasts in their town. 

As if cursed by the forces of nature, a brutal winter followed, unrelenting in its grip on the land. Burdened by the weight of despair, Farmer Williams ventured out one fateful morning to feed the horses, disappearing without a trace. The farm fell into disrepair, and the once-thriving fields succumbed to chaos and decay. Whispers spread like an ominous breeze, tales of the farm’s ominous secrets and those who dared to venture near it never returning. The echoes of children’s laughter and phantom horse hooves still reverberate through time, haunting the memories of the townsfolk.

As Deadmonton celebrates its 10th year, the Williams Farm emerges again from the shadows. The farm’s dark history and the unsolved mysteries that linger within its walls will captivate and terrify those who dare to step foot on its cursed soil. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience that unravels the chilling legacy of the Williams family. As you journey through the farm’s forgotten corners, encounter spine-tingling scares and unravel the secrets that have plagued the town for a decade.

The Williams Farm beckons, daring you to enter its realm of darkness and discover the nightmares that await. Will you be brave enough to face the terrors of the past and endure the chilling encounters that lie ahead? Join us at Deadmonton Haunted House’s 10th anniversary, where the legend of the Williams Farm will come alive once more. Let the echoes of fear resonate as we commemorate a decade of terrifying tales that will leave you trembling with fear and awe.